How to publish ?

CERCOR does everything possible to ensure the best continuation in the publication of Analecta Cartusiana.

In consideration of the publications in progress already, the publication delay is currently of at least one year after submission of the project.

You would like to publish in Analecta Cartusiana?

Address your project to

Option 1: the project is finished and takes the form of a finished work. Thank you for sending us:

  • a Word file for the text with the indication for the locations of the images,
  • a zip file with the images (minimum quality 300 dpi. The copyrights must be requested from the authors) to download.
  • indicate also in your e-mail if you have publishing funds.

Option 2: the project is not finished.

You can address to

  • a word file indicating:
    • the names and titles of the book’s author(s)
    • the title of the book
    • the number of pages and if possible the number of characters provided (approximately)
    • the number of reproductions of images
    • the complete table of contents
    • the planned date of completion of the project
    • Also indicate if you have funding.
  • another word file with an extract from the book: a dozen pages or a chapter of the book.

As much as possible, the works in the form of the projects must respect the bibliographic standards of the Analecta Cartusiana published by the CERCOR.

You will find these bibliographic standards here 

What happens next?

The editorial committee of Analecta Cartusiana will examine your project. If necessary, it can contact experts specialized in the history of the order, in particular the members of the international scientific committee. It gives you an answer within three months.

It may ask you for additional information or to rework some excerpts of the book.

If the project is accepted:

  • the editorial committee will considering with you the means of financing the publication.
  • the work will be then edited:
    • a number in the Analecta Cartusiana and an ISBN number will be attributed
    • the book will be formatted
    • it will be sent to the printer
    • the CERCOR and you will then receive a proof-test of the book
    • If the test corresponds to what is expected, the book is printed and it is distributed to the network of usual recipients of Analecta Cartusiana. It is also available for sale online at